AONE Annual Meeting
AONE 2014 Annual Meeting Report
  1. Meeting held in Orlando, FL, March 12-15, 2014
  2. Beth Cavanaugh, Phillip Boettcher and Rochelle Reider attended and shared the convention was very inspiring.
  3. Topics included:
  4. Benjamin Zander: Instructed to Challenge your perspective.  Don't get caught up on past or you will not be successful in the future.
  5. Congresswoman Snowe: One of the Gang of six who resigned her position partly due to the gridlock in Congress. Currently only about 80 Bills get through a session when we used to pass 400.
  6. The trend in hospitals is decreased length of stay.  Encouraged to "Live on and sell your vision" so staff can support your Vision.  Encouraged academic progressing in the employer setting and using increased clinical educational enhancements rather than increasing salaries across the board.
  7. Dr. Huang: innovation for new healthcare.  Everyone needs to think out of the box and look at things differently.  Do less with less but still meet the vision.

Next AONE Annual Meeting:
    April 15-18, 2015 in Phoenix, AZ

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